Welcome to the website for Anselm Ministries, where we hope your understanding of the world around you increases as your faith in its Creator grows. As you continue on your spiritual journey, we encourage you to make this prayer of Anselm's part your personal prayer life:

Grant that I may taste by love what I apprehend by knowledge, that I may feel in my heart what I touch through the Spirit. . . . In the fullness of love, draw me to you. I am wholly yours by creation; make me all yours, too, in love. (Anselm of Canterbury, Meditation on Human Redemption )

May you worship and enjoy Him forever!

Anselm Ministries is a church-based Biblical counseling and teaching ministry that seeks to support the pastoral ministry of the local church by enabling individuals to get at the "root" of their personal issues and encouraging them to bear "good fruit" in their relationships with others. It seeks to declare the Jesus Christ whom others believe they know and worship, but in reality do not truly experience in their everyday lives. The personal change resulting from its counseling and teaching aims at progressive sanctification evidenced by the growth of spiritual fruit and the decay of the works of the flesh. The ultimate ministry goal is for people to pass on what they have received; to be instruments of change in the lives of others.

The services available to accomplish these ministry goals include:

    • Individual and marital counseling
    • The Anselm Ministries website
    • Pastoral consultation
    • Seminars on Biblical counseling; and addiction/recovery
    • Formal classroom teaching on Biblical counseling



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